Let’s kiss and makeup. 

So in today’s world there are two things a woman gets ridiculed for….

1. If she wears makeup. 

2. If she doesn’t wear makeup. 

I’m sure there are more things but those two things right there are like the mecca of women slandering. 

Recently, Alicia Keys came out saying, she wanted to get in touch with her natural face and never cover up anymore……….oh yeah…it happened. 

Unfortunately, this set off a whirlwind of other women standing up for natural faces which lead to number 1. 

Listen, I am a makeup wearer. 

I love makeup. 

I love to buy makeup. 

I do not need it- no. 

But I love it!

I come from the south, where women cared about what they look like….my mom would wear a full or semi full face of makeup just to go and check the mail. Down there you just see women who take pride in their appearance. My mom was also a Mary Kay beauty consultant so naturally enough, I grew up to makeup. 

Makeup is how some people express themselves in art! It’s also how alot of women get put on budgets and allowances by their husbands. Lol!  

**Disclaimer – not all makeup applications are created equal and are okay…there are some that make me go..hmm…you think that’s working?**

I guess my main question about it all, is…why can’t we just kiss and makeup? 

Why can’t I wear my makeup proudly, and if you don’t wear makeup at least give it a try before you judge it! 

I don’t consider myself a class 5 makeup artist or wearer, but I make sure that if it’s something I want to learn, I’m going to learn it. 

As a mom, I find it important to leave the house at least for 1 outing of the week with makeup on, I  base that solely on where I am going. 

Yes. I do get lazy, and I will throw a hat on and do the lower half of my face…lol!  

Other times I go for a full face beat! 

I wish other moms didn’t feel so intimidated by makeup, because it really can boost your confidence levels through the roof when you are simply tired of looking tired. 

I despise when men tell a woman, or say, ” you don’t need to wear makeup….” or ” you need to take that stuff off your face” or my personal fav, ” if you weren’t caking your face up with all that junk, you would be ready faster!” 

First off, women don’t wear makeup for men. If that was the case, makeup would be in sports section, or it would be cheap like other manly things. 

No. Women wear makeup for THEMSELVES! GOT THAT? 

We put it on because we want to. 

Do some women need it? Yes, and those women will admit to it. While makeup isn’t a death sentence to your natural beauty, it’s an enhancer. 

Let me break it down. 

Things you enhance:

  1. Saggy boobs? You get a bra=enhancement
  2. Saggy pants? You get a belt (or better fitting pants) =enhancement
  3. Short hair, but want long hair for a look-you get extensions=enhancement
  4. Short, and want to feel tall?-wear high heels=enhancement

These things are minor enhancements. 

When I was recently pregnant, I got swollen in the face, and huge basically. And do you know what saved my face from becoming one big blob? 

Countouring. A makeup trick to ENHANCE my facial features and create an actual face versus just a blob of preggo pudge. 

Being a mom, I find it important to take the time to put it on.  When I put my makeup on, I feel great! I feel prettier-(Notice I said prettier, I’m pretty without it!) I use those 15 minutes, and sure the kids are right there staring at me, because what mom has 15 minutes of alone time when they are in the bathroom..and I put my makeup on! 

People often ask me…”Angel, how do you have time to put on a full face of makeup with 3 kids, and stuff? ” 

I say, “I put it on my face, just like you take the time to put your pants on, I take the time to put my face on!” 

But then they say, ” but…..kids!” 

Yes? And…….. (we gotta stop using our kids as an excuse- I am SOOOO guilty of this….I’ll have to write about that later) 

My mom has 5 adult children, and she STILL cares. So yeah….no excuse there. 

I got my makeup routine down to a very quick yet effective science…take a gander….

This is my basic go to makeup application kit, I do have more and I when I’m feeling extra pretty (I have more time) I will add eyeshadow and stuff!!
Looks pretty basic right!?? That’s because it is!!! These are ALL drugstore ( non high end) makeup products that I have purchased from Ulta, or Target. The most expensive item is probably the Smashbox palate, but that was a gift. #forthewin! 

Okay, I lied….there are 2 other items that were a bit more! My Tarte clay powder foundation and brush, and my Ben Nye Banana powder (for baking). (I know…I’m so fancy.) 

Other than that- it’s cheap stuff! (And I stock pile so I am not buying it all the time!) 

All of that creates this look: 

I have a newborn that I kiss alot, so I don’t often wear lipstick that much right now, but this color is a dream!
Look at those cheekbones! This took me 20 plus minutes because it was naptime and we were on a wknd getaway..lol!  

But here is my 15 minute face:

I normally don’t wear a headwrap, but I was having a lazy mom moment and didn’t want to redo my hair the next day!
See, not so bad! All in all, makeup doesn’t have to be the bad guy us women have to deal with. It’s actually a nice thing to confide in when you just need a mini pick me up (next to  wine)…not sure what you are doing?? Go to the makeup counters in the mall…they will help you!  Go to your local beauty school, learn with those ladies! 

Don’t be afraid of makeup…..be afraid of how much money you will spend when you get it down and realize man, this stuff is amazing and your knee deep in YouTube and IG tutorials itching to learn more! (Just me!?) 

Let’s just kiss the stereotypes and the drama goodbye, and makeup our faces!!! 

Blessings ♡. 


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