Left behind. 

Okay so here I promised a story about my fear of escalators…

Sigh, here is goes…

Okay, so me and my daughters were attending a graduation at the convention center, and it is rather large, and has…you guessed it….escalators. 


I had no choice but to use them. 

So I decided that day, for the first time to carry my 6 month old out of her carseat to try to get through things faster – boy would I later regret this. 

Well we made it up the escalators. That’s never a problem- we made it to the room the graduation was in, boom everything is fine and dandy. 

It was a huge venue, and there were tons of people, so I decided to leave early to beat all the traffic. I had to now….go down the escalators. 

My daughter Grace who was 4 at the time always likes to play on the escalators and it DRIVVVESSSS me INSAANNNNEEE!! It’s like she doesn’t know and understand my fear. So she will sit at the top and play with the moving stairs and take forever to get on. I knew she would do this so me and the baby, decided to go first. I turn back, heart pounding, and say to Grace, ” cmon, let’s go- get on!” She is still playing….finally she gets on, halfway down and I can’t turn around at this point, my fear is debilitating. I can only look down. 

**At this moment, my heart sank and my life flashed before my eyes**

Grace stepped on one stair, and didn’t put her other foot on the step at the same time…so she is essentially- in a full split- SITTING on the moving stairs. 

I am freaking out, I did the ONLY THING I KNEW HOW TO DO….I turned and yelled, “GRACE GET UP- MOMMY IS NOT COMING BACK FOR YOU! ” (insert blank stare) 

Yes, you read that right. I told her to get up and stop playing because I could NOT muster up the courage to help her. 

I start screaming because my fear is in full effect, she’s still down…security guards and police run to help her….she eventually gets up and fixes herself, I’m still going down…not looking back- because I cant- I’m THAT scared and I’m holding the baby, and the thought of me and the baby falling….I can’t breathe even thinking about it.

(I would also like to note I am 26 when this happened) 

**Now most won’t find this story funny…but I had a good laugh** 

I later learn from my family who was trying to also exit the venue ,that they were put on hold due to an escalator incident. 

It wasn’t until later that I confessed it was me and my daughter. 

My family laughed at me because they know how much I am terrified of escalators. 

I hate escalators. 

I really do. 

I wish they didn’t exist. 

Maybe one day my fear would cease to exist. 

Prob not. 


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