10 things that make me happy. 

  1. My family- I just love being around them, and seeing their faces…yes things get crazy but I love them and they make me happy. 
  2. My husband. He makes me feel special, and loved. And that makes me happy 
  3. Food. I don’t even need to elaborate. Good food makes me soo happy! 
  4. Fall. I mean cmon who doesn’t love crisp air, turning of the leaves, hot cocoa, football, uggs, pumpkins, maroon??!! Fall is the best month…it houses my bday month and it makes me soooo happy. 
  5. History. Well learning about history and researching new things makes me happy. 
  6. Movies…it’s absolutely love movies…dvds or vhs…it’s doesn’t matter I watch them all….they can seriously make any day better.. and that makes me happy. 
  7. Wine. I mean. Yeah. Happiness. 
  8. Singing….it is a way to let out a y emotion I need to. It’s such a great release mechanism…and that makes me happy! 
  9. Man-derwear….listen…if you have never tried on a pair of briefs as a girl…you haven’t lived…I bought my own pairs to wear and they are the MOST comfy undies ever….they make me happy! 
  10. Love…I love-love! I’m a hard lover…I am an emotionally attached lover, I just love to feel love and give love. It just makes me happy. 

Happiness is key to live a fun and fulfilling life. I think it’s important tto find happiness is everything…the big to the little! 

What makes you happy?? 

Blessings ♡.


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