I think that it’s important to know a few things about people, I’m not saying you have to know person beyond personal Or anything…but I mean…if your reading this…or anything else I have written I think it’s good to drop some fun knowledge….about….Me! 

(Uses Game Show host announcing voice) 

It’s time for a game of…….


  1. FACT: I was born and raised in El Paso Texas! (Yep!) I always say I’ve never been to the western side of the country or beyond the South but that’s totally not true…I was born there! I only lived there for 3 years but still….I have the faintest and fondest memories believe it or not! 
  2. FACT: I have an INCREDIBLE fear of heights. I have no idea where this comes from….or why it’s so debilitating to even think about going to the top of a very high building and looking down out of a window, but what I do know-I ain’t for ANY of it! I have ridden maybe 5 or 6 roller coasters my entire life. I cringe at base jumping. Skydiving makes me want to vomit. And my stomach drops when I drive over small hills. (Yep. That bad) 
  3. FACT: I am TERRIBLY HORRIBLY AFRAID OF…. (wait for it)………escalators. (insert deep breath here) okay…cmon now…I know that in this ENTIRE world…I am NOT the ONLY ONE. I know. I am so afraid that I will stand there and wait 4 to 5 revolutions before getting on. (And by getting on I mean think about getting on) I did this as a kid, my parents would be going and I would still be at the top. Now, my kids leave me. [I must tell you a VERY funny, yet terrifying story about escalators and my kids – not now….but soon!] 
  4. FACT: I am a professional performer. Yep. Gotta degree and stuff. I majored in Musical Theatre (insert laughs) and I can sing and act with a hint of dance. I love to perform I have done it for years…although for the past 7 years….I’ve been in a drought. (I’ll have to share that story later too..♡) 
  5. FACT:  I absolutely. Positively. Without a shadow of a doubt. HATE SEAFOOD. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I do now like the concept. I do not like the texture. I do not like the look of it. The ocean is WAYYYY YAYY to vast and uncontained. And people EAT from it. Like all the time. (Gagging.) I hate seafood so much, I’ve realized me and aquariums don’t go together….I literally get squeemish  looking at them swimming around…eating whatever is floating around….and the SMELLLLLLLLL!!!!! (Insert gagfaceuttercringeemoji) (okay….I gotta stop) needless to say. I ain’t eating it.
  6. FACT: I was raised in Georgia. After I left TX, we moved to GA, Savannah Georgia, (to be precise) and I lived there for my entire childhood until I was 13. Growing up I thought my city was so awesome…food was amazing…the history was there…we had amazing field trips…there was a beach a simple drive away, we had some of THEE best homemade sweets…wonderful. But as an adult….it’s perfect for just…..visiting. It’s a great getaway for people who want to visit historical old town country with beautiful Spanish moss trees that make tunnels over the streets, or the smell of fresh magnolias growing, or pecans [Pee-CANS] not [pi-KAHNS] at their freshest! There are still only 2 malls…and growing up u went to the small mall Ogelthorpe Mall, on a regular occassion…but on a big day….you went to the big Savannah Mall…and got to ride the carousel. 
  7. FACT: I don’t like cats. At all. Like. At all. It’s actually a potluck fear of mine to eat at potlucks because of the thought that someone’s cat goes and poops in their litter box, then prances about on their counter, and then they don’t care and they cook and play with their cat while cooking for said potluck. Nuff said. I don’t like them. 
  8. FACT: I am a really good cook! No seriously. I am! I have been watching cooking shows since I could…and enjoying food since birth…I love Mexican food (birth-right….I love some TEX-MEX) but I love to cook and try new things. I love testing out new recipes and hoping people like them and when they do I file it away in my head to make again because it was a success. Okay so the file it away in my head isn’t really useful because sometimes I don’t use a set recipe…I change it up or add something new. I love cooking shows, I love cooking competiton shows, I love to grocery shop for ingredients, I love different flavors and tastes, I love it! And believe it or not….even though I don’t like seafood…..I have no problem cooking it. Wierd right…well when you are the only one growing up in the house that DOESN’T eat it in the South……..ur screwed…haha! But you learn ways to prepare it. 

Annnddd there ya have it! 

8 Top Facts about Me! 

Well those are the facts. Straight up. I know I’m soooooo interesting right!!??? 

I like to think I am! ♡

Hope you enjoy! 🙂


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