You want to know what perfection is? 

Okay, I’m just kidding. But I mean how perfect is this sleeping mom? (Don’t worry its TOTALLY POSED) 

For a minute you thought I actually sleep this beautiful…let alone sleep. Ha! 

Why is it that our kids seem to be the most perfect little humans in their sleep? I mean I can have a whiney “not sleepy” toddler to the most perfect little angel in a matter of 5 minutes. I stare at her like…how do you just exude this much perfectness???? 

Why is it so easy to achieve perfection when we are sleep? Why can’t both eyebrows come out right, or both cat eyes come out perfect each time? 

Oh I know there is no such thing as perfection.

We are NOT perfect. 

We strive to be, yes. But we are far from it. 

As moms I think when we get pregnant and we hold our “barely bump” we just immediately imagine us as the perfect mom. We think about our perfect nursery, our perfect delivery, our perfect baby shower,  our perfect baby, our perfect breastfeeding experience, our perfect sleep schedule, perfect. 

Reality then hits us and we now look down at our massive odd shaped baby bump, we reach our due dates and the nursery isn’t finished, our delivery is everything that’s NOT on our birth plan, we don’t even have a shower, our baby has colic, our nipples burn,you don’t even know sleep, perfection. Right? 

We have to come to terms with our perfect imperfections. 

Huge pill to swallow right?

I’m here to tell you that it’s not hard. I am now on my 3rd kid and when I tell you I have thrown perfection out the window…..I never let it in the door when I came home from hospital. 

Prior to my 3rd baby girl, I had suffered 2 late first trimester miscarriages, and my second daughter was a preemie, so my whole vision of perfect pregnancy and perfect delivery was out the window when I found I was pregnant for the 6th time. 

I was just hoping for perfect moments. Perfect moments like, making  it past 13 wks, or my HCG levels to rise and double, blood work to be okay, see a heartbeat and a kicking baby every ultrasound, and for the baby to be born after 30wks. 

Every time I hit one of those milestones I knew I was in the clear, it was a tiny clear…but I was in it. 

Being a mother is so taxing already that trying to be perfect is just asking for pure exhaustion. I often read about or watch new moms and I just think to myself like, it’s okay…it’s okay to say “hey ya know what….PREGNANCY SUCKS!!” (being someone who had done it 6 times…..I can tell you. …it’s sucks)

 Yes, it is a miracle, yes it’s the most wonderful thing ever. 

But you don’t have to mask your emotions so that people don’t think you are ungrateful or having an imperfect pregnancy experience. I just don’t get it. 

I often tell women to enjoy this time….absolutely enjoy it… I also tell them that at one point your lady bits are gonna hurt so much that you are gonna want to jump off a cliff. Or in traffic. Sometimes both. 

Then when they have the baby, I tell them to not worry about everything going perfect because it won’t. It will get ugly, and complicated, and you will want to take that little poop -cry machine back to the hospital. 

But the ONE TIME I can guarantee that they will be perfect…..when they are sleep. Lol!  (If you can finally get them to actually sleep)

Overall, I recommend, they simply enjoy this time, and get some sleep….your house gets a free pass free from being perfect when you bring a newborn home.

Take a gander at sheer perfection. 

How can you not stare at this!! 

Oh yeah…this definitely happened. 

My 2nd day home with all 3 girls and they all napped at the same time!

Yeah. I know. 
Perfection. ♡

While we will never be perfect moms, we can pretend that when our babies are sleeping…they are absolute perfection. 

Enjoy it. 

Let’s band together and start a revolution against perfection!!!! 


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