10 Things noone tells you about when you become a SAHM. 

So I am a new SAHM, what’s that you ask? 

Oh, that means stay-at-home mom. 

What does THAT mean? 

That means that on top of me being a full time wife and mother, I am now…a…full…time…wife…and mother.

Great. Fun. Exciting…oh my!? 

While I am grateful for the precious time I get to spend with my 7 yr old,2.5 yr old, and 5mth old. 

This job came with some things noone who is a SAHM tells you about. 

So I’m telling all! 

***Spoiler Alert*** 

(not really…but hey we need some suspense!)

Here they are: 

  1. You are a full time chef. With no sous chefs. This means that you will make 3 to 4 meals a day plus snacks, all by yourself every 2 to 3 hours. (Because kids. Dont. Stop.eating.)
  2. You will never finish your laundry on the first day. Or the second…..slash third.Okay, so this is probably just me….right…?? (Searches for solidarity) All I know is that my mound of laundry is more dangerous and scary than Mount Everest right now. 
  3. You crave silence. Crave it badly. What once was special bonding time with your kids, known as the day…you suddenly start to crave silence. Like when  you crave a burger so you go to the nearest burger joint and order a double cheeseburger, with bacon, onions. ketchup, mayo, mustard, and pickle. You crave silence, so you make your whole house nap. Or go do something quiet. But usually A. 
  4. You miss adults, but are too content to schedule time to see them. So in order to have playdates you have to schedule with that parent, which means you have to talk to an adult, which then means you have to pack up your kids and go somewhere. (I’m tired just writing and thinking about that) So instead you just say, “I can’t because..well..kids” and go back hiding. 
  5. While being home with your kids is great, it also kinda sucks just a teeny bit. Well for me (because I have a regressing potty trained toddler) it’s because my mornings consist of poop or pee. Not contained in a diaper. Which leads to bath 1 of 3 for the day, and laundry. Which leads to… (See number 2). So. Yeah. That sucks. 
  6. You discover your kids are the funniest bunch of individuals. This is the best part. I am constantly laughing at them. They are really wierd. They have HUGE imaginations. And sometimes, when they aren’t paying attention or they think I’m not, I hear them and I just laugh like, “yeah those are mine!” 
  7. You become a show binge-r. With that 7:30 pm bedtime, I find myself needing something to kinda get my adult-o-meter back up, so I parooze about Netflix  for about 45 minutes trying to find a movie to watch, and then I change my mind go to Hulu and binge watch a new show. (happens everytime – I even created an easy way to do it while in bed…it involves a selfie stick…stay tuned for that tutorial!)
  8. You plan outings in your head, but the thought of executing them shatters when the first meltdown of the day happens. So….the meltdown usually happens when I have to get up early in the morning. (Oh you thought I meant a toddler meltdown???) Well….what can I say, I am NOT a morning person….okay!? (I know I’m not the only one!) 
  9. You become a Pinterest Queen! So, I pin, and execute. Or I pin and read. All of which do NOT happen in regular non SAHM situations. It’s crazy! Sometimes I’m a serial – pin now, read later….or never….kinda gal. 
  10. Finally, that no matter how much you say, “this isn’t for me” You absolutely love it at the end of the day. I said it, this isn’t for me. I can’t do this. But I had to have a serious, come to Jesus moment and say, “Angel…you can do this, you carried them, birthed them, nurtured them, now take care of them with all your heart and soul” Enjoy this time with them because time flies, and 7 years have already passed since I became a mom. That is MINDBOGGLING. But I am their mommy, and yes…they call my name and cry for me, and bother me when I run to the bathroom to use it in peace, or get loud when I pick up the phone, or ask me 5 gazillion questions a day, or tell me they are starving when they just finished a meal, even when they destroy the house after I just cleaned it. I love every moment of being with them. 

So there you have it the 10 things noone tells you about when being a SAHM. These may not be everyone’s things, but I know someone somewhere can relate. 

If you are a SAHM, you may be tired, run down, and have no sense of what day of the week it is, but that’s okay…it means you’re doing something right! 

Keep going! WE CAN DO THIS!

 Our babies need us!! ♡ 


2 thoughts on “10 Things noone tells you about when you become a SAHM. 

    1. No I don’t my oldest goes to a public charter school! I’m not sure if I’m mentally ready to be their teacher on that scale yet…lol! I have thought about it though!!!!


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