Alright, let’s get this started. 

I want to tell you a little bit about me and my family. 

First,there’s me. The Mama. I am 28 years old. I have a passion for God, cooking, and being creative. I love to do arts and crafts, take pictures, eat, watch movies, and laugh! Not too complicated right? Well, I also am a huge cry baby. Yes, I cry at EVERYTHING!  happy tears….I got em. Sad tears…..I got em. Angry tears….I got those too. I find that a good cry is great for the soul and the mind. I use tears as a means to flush out all the extra stuff I can’t get out in words. 

Doe anyone else do that? 

Next, there’s the husband. Andre’. He’s a younger specimen. 27 years old, he likes God,music, and sports, me, and well…….that sums him up actually. (Pretty simple, that one). 

Next, our first daughter, Grace. She is 7 years old going on 35..I swear, and  she is smart, creative, and very loquacious  (yes, she’s a talker…has been since she was a baby!) Whether you are listening or not, she is talking. She is going to the 2nd grade, loves to read anything,and like her mother, loves to watch movies! 

Second, rocking the lovely spot of middle child, Faith. She was a preemie…born at 30wks 5 days, she spent the first month of her life in the confines of the NICU. perhaps since she was in solitary confinement for that month is why she is a wild child today. She is 2.5 years old, and loves to eat, dance, play pretend, and sneak on people’s phones and take selfies. 

Lastly, (for now) our newest bundle, Hope. She is 5 months old and is already showing her little personality off. She loves to eat, sleep, and is now a laugher. She only gives those laughs out to mommy right now, and I will take it! Her hobbies include, rolling over to get out of tummy time,eating, and sitting up. She is currently teething her life away working on a double header of little teefers on the bottom rack of gums. 

My little family is something quite special we like to have fun together and watch movies, or take pictures, and just live life. I am so blessed to be able to call them my own and while it’s not always roses and honey….my family is the best!!! 

Here’s us being silly. 

See what I mean. Silly bunch we are. We actually re-created this picture to include our newest one…

take a look at this side by side.

So now you are acquainted with my party of 5, and so we  I tell the tales of my crazy kids…you will know and understand who I am talking about. 

Roll call! 

Angel,Andre, Grace,Faith,Hope……
Saunders….Party of Five…your table is ready for you!  

Blessings. ♡ 


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