How ya doin? 

The names Angel. 

I’m a mom. 

I’m a mom of 3. 

I’m A Mom of 3 BEAUTIFUL daughters. 

Easy right? Well that’s actually why I am here, my name is Angel, I am a mother of 3 (I know I keep mentioning it), wife to 1, and I love it. It comes with ups and downs, and in betweens, and tears, and laughs, and probably some poop, and more laughs, and drool, and formula, homework, and school projects, lunches, and snacks, more drool, probably more poop too and fun..lots of that,tears, happiness, joy and love….I guess you kinda get the idea. 

Overall, it comes with alot. 

But one thing I do know,is one of the byproducts of all of this stuff is strength.  Being a mom of three has made me strong in places I used to feel weak, and that’s what I plan to share with you all. 

The moments, the happy times, the sad times, the crazy times, the funny times, the gonna rip my hair out times, the post ripping of the hair out times, the loving times, and the memorable times. 

Okay, enough of this small talk though. 

Are you ready? 

Get set. 

Here I go! 






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